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Glen, our chief pilot has worked in most studios across southern UK. From building the balloons for the Avengers Film in the 90's, he has worked for and supplied hot air balloons and baskets for the media industry for more than 2 decades. We have provided balloons for diverse projects such as the ITV Good Morning ident, to an Olly Murs music video, and one of our baskets was the Dr Who Tardis in a Christmas Special! We were the technical experts for Guy Martins airship across the English Channel. Recently we were involved in a top secret display for the USA launch of Aeronauts film. People love to have their photograph taken in one of our walk in "selfie" baskets which are exceptionally popular on trade stands as a focal points, hotel lobbies, or even fitted out with tables as sampling booths. Your imagination is our challenge!

FlyingAdverts Ltd

Aerial advertising, media and special projects, big or small